Virgin Mobile

SIM Only 4GB Tariff

Virgin Mobile
Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
£12 per 30 days
£2 per day for unlimited usage
Calls & Texts
2500 Minutes
Cost of a 2 minute standard national mobile call (incl. flagfall): £0.90

Unlimited Messages
standard UK SMS
Contract (12 mths)
Per 30 Days

Tariff Details

SIM Plans from Virgin Mobile

Get tons of data, calls and unlimited texts on a no-strings 30 day rolling contract.

With this SIM only tariff you can use your included minutes on these calls:

  • National voice calls to UK landlines (beginning 01,02,03)
  • UK mobiles
  • Voicemail retrieval (Included within your minutes allowance, free thereafter)

Network Coverage

You can use the Virgin Mobile coverage checker when you buy online to check coverage at your address. Virgin Mobile uses the EE's 4G network which covers 98% of the UK population, giving you a great online experience and helping you stay connected in more places.

Features & Benefits

Data Rollover

You can keep your unused data to enjoy next month with Data Rollover. Any data you don't use this month gets added to next month's data. You’ll use up this rolled-over data before you start eating your regular data, so nothing will go to waste. Only unused data from this month can be rolled into next month. If you’ve got data left over from your previous month, make sure you use it up to get the maximum benefit.

Free messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Free messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger comes with your new 4G SIM plans as standard. And as sending messages and sharing pics and video through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger won’t use up your data allowance, you save even more data for the things you love.

Change your 4G plan up or down every month

Virgin Mobile's flexible 4G SIM plans give you the freedom to change your plan each month. If you need more minutes and data, you might find that moving up is a great way to avoid extra charges for going over your monthly allowances. If you are paying for allowances that you are not using, you might find that moving down helps you to save money.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Number

If you are looking to switch to Virgin from another network, you can keep your existing mobile phone number.

Free WiFi at 250,000+ hotspots

Download Virgin Mobile's WiFi app, and be automatically switched to free WiFi whenever you are near a Virgin Mobile WiFi hotspot. With 250,000+ hotspots across the UK, you will be able to save mobile data and stay connected in more places including Airports, cafes, restaurants, shops and the London Underground.

Key Points


  • Free standard delivery and 14 day returns
  • Bring Your Own Phone and keep your number

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Per 30 Days
Tariff Virgin Mobile SIM Only 4GB Tariff - £12.00
Minutes 2500 Minutes - -
Data 4GB Data - -
Texts Unlimited (standard UK SMS) - -
Total - £12.00


Rates Cost
Additional minutes £0.45 per minute
Text messages £0.00 each
Picture messages £0.40 each
Excess data £2 per day for unlimited usage
Virgin Mobile SIM Only 4GB Tariff