Premium 1GB Plan

1000 Minutes, 1000 Texts & 1GB Data

Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
£8.99 per month
1p / per MB excess data
Calls & Texts
1000 Minutes

1,000 Messages
standard UK text messages
No Contract
Current Deal
Limited Time Launch Offer:
100% Free Trial on FreedomPop's Premium 1GB Tariff.
Plus SIM Card is £4.99, usually £10.

Tariff Details

Premium 1GB Tariff

This FreedomPop plan includes:

  • 1,000 Minutes for Voice calls
  • 1,000 Standard UK Text
  • 1GB of UK Data

Excess Calls/ Texts

FreedomPop do not charge overage amounts for voice and text. If you use up your voice and text allotment, you will receive a notification that you are out of voice minutes or text messages. You can always upgrade your voice and text plan to a higher limit at anytime.

Data with FreedomPop

FreedomPop uses Automatic Top-up to ensure you are never left without internet access when you exceed your monthly data allotment. The default top-up amount is £5. In any month your usage is within 20MB of your monthly plan capacity limit, or in which your account balance falls below £1, your account will be charged the automatic top-up amount using the primary payment method on your account. It is possible to to disable this feature if you prefer but your account will be suspended when you reach the top-up threshold. If you exceed your free data allotment in a single session, your account may switch to pay-as-you-go mode.

Features & Benefits

Available on all iOS and Android Devices

Download FreedomPop's app in Google Play or the iOS App Store and get FreedomPop texts and calls on any device you own. Simply insert the FreedomPop SIM into your device, download the FreedomPop messaging app and start getting the FreedomPop service.

As part of this low cost service, the voice minutes and texts you send are converted to VOIP either via cellular network (3G / 4G) or when you are on WiFi. This means that voice calls are carried over the data network and the clarity of the call will vary with your data signal.

Data Rollover Option

For an additional £1.49/mth you can add the data rollover option to your tariff. This allows you to roll over up to 500MB of unused data per month, store up to 20GB of rollover data and share rollover data with friends.

BYO Device

You can bring your own phone to a FreedomPop tariff. You can port your existing number for an additional fee of £4.99 or choose a new number from a narrowed selection of preselected numbers on the FreedomPop site. Your phone will need to be SIM-unlocked to work on the FreedomPop service. (FreedomPop SIMs do not require a PUK code to work, however the code is printed on the SIM).

30-Day Cancellation Policy

If within the first 30 days after receiving your Equipment that you have purchased from FreedomPop, you are not fully satisfied you may return the Equipment and the original carton contents provided to you, for a refund of the amount you paid. FreedomPop will issue a refund of the amount you paid for the Equipment and the cost for standard delivery of the Equipment to you (you will need to pay the cost of returning the Equipment to FreedomPop).

Key Points


  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • Check your usage via FreedomPop App
  • Standard SIM delivery usually within 2 - 5 days
  • No Contract - cancel your tariff at any time
  • Free Premium Voice


  • Upgrade your phone service to a higher level monthly plan at any point in the month
  • 30-Day cancellation policy

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly
Tariff FreedomPop Premium 1GB Plan - £8.99
Minutes 1000 Minutes - -
Data 1GB Data - -
Texts 1,000 (standard UK text messages) - -
Fees SIM Activaton Fee £0.99 -
Standard SIM postage fee £1.99 -
Trio SIM card £4.99 -
Deal Limited Time Launch Offer:
100% Free Trial on FreedomPop's Premium 1GB Tariff.
-£8.99 -
Plus SIM Card is £4.99, usually £10. - -
Total -£1.02 £8.99
FreedomPop Premium 1GB Plan