Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Prices & Tariffs

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


  • 4.3 inch display
  • Android
  • 8MP camera
  • 7.91GB int. memory (useable capacity will be less)
  • Talk Time (3G): Up to 10 hours
  • Standby: Up to 12 days 12 hours
  • 61.3mm wide
  • 124.6mm high
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For people looking for a small phone rather than a cheap phone, the Galaxy S4 Mini has most of what you can expect from ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Specs


Type Super AMOLED
Screen Resolution 540 x 960 pixels
Screen Size 4.3 inch (10.9 cm)
Touch Screen Yes


Resolution 8 megapixels
Front Facing -
3D Resolution -
Flash Type LED
Video Camera 1080p

Music and Video

Music Player Yes
Video Player Yes
Video Calls Yes
FM Radio No
Audio Formats MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3, FLAC
Video Formats MP4, DivX, XviD, WMV, H.264, H.263


Form Factor Slate
Width 61.3 mm
Height 124.6 mm
Thickness 8.9 mm
Weight 107 grams
Accelerometer Yes
Gyro Yes


Battery (3G Talk) Up to 10 hours
Battery (Standby) Up to 12 days 12 hours
App Store Google Play
Processor Type Dual-core 1.7GHz
Operating System Android 4.2.2
Release Date July 2013


Main Connectivity 4G LTE
Maximum Data Speed 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
USB 2.0
Bluetooth Yes
Networks GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Data Networks HSDPA 850, 900, 1900, 2100, LTE - GT-I9195


RAM 2.05GB
Internal 7.91GB
Expandable Up to 64GB


Push Email Yes
Text Messages (SMS) Yes
Picture Messages (MMS) Yes

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Reviews


WhistleOut Review

"For people looking for a small phone rather than a cheap phone, the Galaxy S4 Mini has most of what you can expect from the original S4, it just fits better in the pockets of tight jeans."

Joseph Hanlon (WhistleOut)
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"Although the pixel density here is lower than the SGS4, we adore this screen. The AMOLED does what it does, and has those colours that are super-vivid, this is great for normal phone stuff, but when it comes to photos and videos, it's hardly super-accurate. Even so, it works well and has plenty of b..."
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"...we found that call quality was nothing less than superb. HD Voice is also supported, depending on your carrier, ensuring that call quality over 3G/4G networks is also the best on offer. Signal holding was also impressive. We certainly didn't have any dropped calls..."
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"The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is a remarkable mid-range smartphone that brings power and portability under one roof. It is fast, responsive, and surprisingly capable, but at the same time it is easy to operate and fits perfectly in pockets of any size. "
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"The low-power AMOLED screen helps give the S4 Mini one big advantage, though; it has seriously impressive battery life. In our video playback test, which involves playing a video file on loop, the S4 Mini lasted an amazing 13h 3m. That's one of the best scores we have ever seen, and four and a half ..."
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"Nice design, great screen, smooth performance, excellent battery life, good camera, plentiful storage for all types of users."
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"So, battery life was good but not quite good enough to get us through two complete working days. This means you'll be charging it, like most smartphones, every night – unless you're brave enough to see how far it gets you through a second day."

Tech Advisor (
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"Swiping through homescreens and opening up applications is near-seamless. Only people who use a quad-core phone like the S4 everyday would possibly notice any lag - everyone else will have no problems."
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"For anyone who just wants a phone that takes great photos, and that's not made of glass, the smaller brother of the Galaxy S 4 will be a great choice. It's not the best smartphone of 2013, but it's not meant to be, either. It will be more than good enough for anyone who doesn't want to jump onto the..."
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"Our battery test showed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini offers remarkable endurance on the individual tasks in our battery life test, but the higher than average drain in stand-by mode prevented it from getting an impressive overall endurance rating. Even so it did more than well and if Samsung impr..."
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"The camera produces great images! Shots are well exposed, balanced, and sharp. We are also happy that the GS4 mini doesn’t lose focus towards the edges of the frame, something exhibited by some other phones on the market these days. Low light performance was also decent. Don’t expect Nokia Lumia 925..."
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"...the Mini is meant for those who love the GS4 design and firmware but are looking for a lower price point. To that end, the company has mostly succeeded, with the exception of that poor display. "
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"Our second major hardware gripe concerns the S4 Mini’s screen. It’s a qHD (960x540 resolution) SuperAMOLED display, and while we’ve no qualms with the brightness or color quality offered by the screen — the Mini almost matches the S4 in those areas — that low resolution is another matter. That means..."
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"The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is not merely a smaller version of the Android powerhouse, lacking as it does the same impressive lineup of specs as its big brother. Nevertheless, it still packs plenty of power and a decent screen into a very comfortable little body. It's just too expensive for what it i..."
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"One thing I liked about the phone's smaller size is that it's much easier to hold. You won't have to worry about the phone slipping out of your hand. The S4 Mini sports a 4.3-inch qHD (960x540 pixels) Super AMOLED display, which delivers quite a sharp resolution. However, I found the fonts a little ..."
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Average Score

(15 Reviews)


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

In a world obsessed with size, we are surrounded by 'minis' and 'maxis'. Some minis are very good, like the cars, and the excellent iPad Mini. Others leave you wishing they'd been super-sized.


The presentation of the Galaxy S4 Mini is comfortingly familiar. If you've read our review of the Galaxy S4 (GS4) you'd know that we loved the original, and anything like it can't be all bad. The Mini has the same basic shape and feel, just scaled down for smaller hands and even smaller pockets. The buttons are in the same position as they were on the original, it has the same earpiece speaker grille, and it has the same subtle dimpled pattern across its plastic chassis.

More importantly, Samsung uses the same Super AMOLED screen from the Galaxy S4 in this Mini version. It doesn't have as many pixels-per-inch, but it doesn't need to either with the smaller panel size. It looks like a good screen too, with good text clarity, great colour and very good viewing angles. It does have the same blueish hue that we find on most AMOLED screens, but this isn't too distracting.

It's amazing how small a 4.3-inch screen feels after using screens of about 5-inches this year. It seems like such a small difference in size, but it makes a big difference after being used to having more space to work with.

The trouble is, there is no real trade-off for the savings in size. The Mini weighs about the same as the larger GS4, and it is as thin, or thick, depending on how you look at it. This is more a testament to the hard work Samsung engineers have put in the more expensive flagship than it is a criticism of the Mini, but it's true nonetheless.

User Experience

Running on the same version of Android (4.2.2) and the same version of Samsung's TouchWiz UI as the GS4, the Mini is packed with the same usability tweaks and annoying quirks as the phone we reviewed six-months ago. Pull down the notification curtain and you'll find all the same Quick Settings options, which is great. But try and and move icons around on the home screens and you'll find that you can't; not without entering into a special edit mode.

There are a few Samsung apps missing from the Mini, too. The excellent S-Health app and pedometer tool is not included in the Mini, which is a shame for the health conscious. There is the S-Translator tool, seen in Samsung's GS4 commercials, though. There's also the great Trip Advisor app that comes preinstalled.

The most obvious place where the smaller handset size impacts use is the on-screen keyboard, and the S4 Mini does suffer from tiny keys syndrome.

It can be tricky to type out a long message if you are used to quickly bashing on an iPhone keyboard: the Samsung designed keyboard just isn't as accurate when cleaning up your (inevitable) errors. Luckily, there is a 'continuous input' option in the keyboard's settings which allows you to create words by swiping your finger across the keys that make up the word you want. Weirdly, this mode is far more accurate at predicting words and far easier to use.


While Samsung is obviously saving money where it can on the S4 Mini, it has left the camera experience intact. In fact, the camera, with its 8-megapixel image sensor, is probably the best part about this handset. It is super fast to find focus and fire off off photos, and the picture quality is quite good.

It is a camera best used outdoors, as most are; but we did notice that photos taken indoors, even under good, bright lights, tend to turn out grainy and a bit blurry. With sunlight behind it, the photos were much better, with good, sharp focus and great depth.


One thing to check before you buy an S4 Mini is whether or not you are paying for a 4G variant. Samsung make both 4G LTE and 3G-only models, and if you're on a network that supports it, you should definitely use the 4G version.

Testing the phone in Sydney on the Vodafone network, the Mini performs well, with speeds at around 20Mbps for both uploads and downloads. The latency is good too, at around 35ms. We did notice some annoying fluctuations in signal strength, but this isn't necessarily a problem with the radios in the handset.

Performance and battery

The most important scaling down in the Mini has happened under the hood. Rather than use the quad-core 1.9GHz processor in the GS4, Samsung opts for a cheaper dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 400 chipset, and while the number of cores in a processor isn't directly tied to performance, there is a dip between the performance of the Mini and many other phones in market.

You shouldn't seen this performance sacrifice too much in everyday use. The phone moves about the home screens speedily enough, and in and out of apps. Multitasking is fine, and apps that you switch to are responsive almost straight away.

Benchmark scores for the Mini suggest that you might see more lag while web browsing, or in apps that rely on a connection to the web, like the Google Play Store and Google Maps. These are apps that can benefit from multi-core processors, and while the Mini can handle these tasks, it does so with a little more thinking time.

Battery life for the Galaxy S4 Mini is pretty good, with about 27-hours of mixed use, and just short of six-hours of continuous web browsing on a Wi-Fi connection. In everyday use terms, the Mini will get you through a work day, and should probably survive the night if you don't have a charger handy. This is a good result coming from a 1900mAh battery, which is a good bit smaller than the battery in the GS4.


Tens of millions of iPhone users worldwide suggest there is a market for phones with smaller displays, and while the Galaxy S4 Mini has a screen slightly larger than the iPhone, it should appeal in much the same way; to people who think the 5-inch phones across the top-end of the Android market are just too big.

There is a power sacrifice to be made here, so this isn't the phone for someone who may want to push the phone with the latest 3D games or other processing heavy tasks, but for core smartphone use, like calls, browsing and social media, the Mini will do just fine.

There is an obvious cost saving too. Telco plans tend to offer the Mini for between $5 and $10 each per month, or $120 to $240 cheaper over the life of a plan. This means you can typically get the Mini for less, or choose a plan with more talk, text and data with the money you save.

At the time of writing, the Galaxy S3 is still available on telco plans, which could also be a good option for someone who wants to save some money, but doesn't want the smaller display.

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