No, really: to release his own smartwatch

14 October 2014

Apple may be on the verge of unveiling a host of new products (including new iPads, its OS X Yosemite operating system, and potentially a new Mac) - but who even cares when that guy from The Black Eyed Peas,, is getting ready to launch his own smartwatch?

UK newspaper The Telegraph reports that the smartwatch will be revealed in San Francisco this Thursday, October 16; which, incidentally, is the same date Apple has chosen for its own press event at the company’s Cupertino headquarters.


Seriously. Unlike competing wearables, including Android-powered devices already on the market, the watch won’t require wearers to connect it to an accompanying smartphone. Instead, the device will use Bluetooth connections and wireless internet to run apps and play music.

From reports so far, music appears to be a central focus for the wearable, with partnering with music service 7Digital to license tunes from major record labels. Since news of 7Digital’s involvement went public, the UK company has seen its share price rise by over 77%.

The device will apparently feature a curved screen and can run all the standard smartphone social apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Details are still scarce, but it’s expected that’s wearable will run on a version of the Android OS.

Let's get it started

This won’t be noted Auto-Tune enthusiast’s first venture into the tech industry. As well as being the ‘director of creative innovation’ at Intel, the sometime TV karaoke judge and 'premium denim' fashion designer has already launched his line of high-priced iPhone accessories.

Although no name for the watch has been announced, the entertainer has given the public sneak peeks at the device; first, during his role on the UK version of The Voice , and again as a guest on Alan Carr’s late-night talk show.

While it’s tempting to mock the man that cursed humanity with ‘My Humps’ for attempting to elbow his way into tech, it’s hard to fault his enthusiasm for the project.

Do we see the Watch outselling the much-hyped Apple Watch, or even the currently available Samsung Gear? Not at all, but we’re definitely amused to see what plans to pull out of the garishly-designed bag this Thursday.

Image credit: Intel Free Press at Flickr



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