5 great Flappy Bird alternatives

13 February 2014

Flappy Bird developer Nguyen Ha Dong is apparently saving us from the addictive monster he has created by removing Flappy Bird from both the Google Play and iOS App Stores. So, like the good addicts we are, we have gone looking for some of the best games to fill that Flappy Bird hole in our hearts.

What is remarkable about the success of Flappy Bird is that is such a simple, and old, gaming formula. Games with the same basic skill tests can be traced back to early Atari games like Super Cobra.

Luckily, there are a bunch of awesome similar games available for smartphones, some of which, dare we say, are much better than the game everyone is in a flap about.

Ski Safari

This is a personal favourite of the WhistleOut team, Ski Safari is a game with a great sense of pace, and is masterful at delivering those classic near-miss experiences that make these games so much fun. And yet, the controls remain fantastically simple to pick up.

Whale Trail

A game with true joy in its heart, Whale Trail is bright and colourful, with a great artistic style. It controls a lot like Flappy Bird too, with simple one-button input.

Jetpack Joyride

There are many similarities between Whale Trail and Jetpack Joyride, but here you replace the rainbows with good ol’ fashioned carnage. Again, the controls are perfectly simple — you press on the screen to go up, and let go to drop down again.

Robot Unicorn Attack

This is as close as many of us will get to living inside the world of The Neverending Story. Developed by Adult Swim, Unicorn Attack plays like the other games listed here, but is so deliciously weird that it demands to be loved. Also, check out Unicorn Attack 2 — it’s not quite as good as the original, but it is weird enough for a look in.

Hungry Shark Evolution

The only game in this list not to scroll from left-to-right, Hungry Shark gives you control of your direction and depth, as you chase the flesh of anything stupid enough to be in the water with you — preferably doughy humans.

If you must…

If you just can’t kick the bird to the curb, there are a few blatant rip-offs to test out, too.

Flappy Doge

Part of us thinks the corny mascot is way cute, the other part of us can’t stand the way the damn thing stares. It’s like it is looking into your soul.

Flappy Osama

Tasteless, yes. Fun? Not much.



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