FreedomPop's free mobile plans coming to the UK

14 May 2015

American 'Freemium' cell provider FreedomPop is turning its focus on the international market, announcing that it will be launching a UK version of its service later this year.

The company will partner with UK wireless operator Three to launch the service, which will be FreedomPop’s first product available outside of the US.

FreedomPop UK will initially be a SIM-only service, with customers needing to buy a FreedomPop SIM card and download the carrier’s mobile app in order to sign up.

However, once the app is installed, customers will receive 200MB of data, 200 voice minutes and 200 text messages free of charge every month, with the option to upgrade to larger plans for an additional fee.

UK vs. US plans

As with its US service, FreedomPop’s UK plans will deliver calls, texts and data over WiFi as a first preference. The Three network will provide cellular backup when WiFi is unavailable, just as US network Sprint does for FreedomPop’s American customers.

FreedomPop hasn’t revealed the pricing structure of extra data and voice minutes, but will offer customers rollover data as an add-on, and the ability to make low-cost phone costs to over 60 countries by adding a second international number to their account.

The company has confirmed that it intends to offer extremely competitive pricing on low-level plans, with the average entry-level UK cell phone plan costing around £10 each month.

In the US, FreedomPop customers can pay $10 USD per extra gigabyte of data on top of their free plan each month, or go all-out with unlimited calls, texts and data for $20 per month (although LTE data is capped at 1GB).

FreedomPop’s US app also gives customers 100 minutes of free international calls every month, covering landlines in over 50 countries and mobile numbers in 14.

While no official date has been set for the service to be switched on, FreedomPop UK is aiming to launch sometime this summer.

Jetsetter SIM: free data outside the US

In other FreedomPop news, the company is currently testing its up-and-coming Jetsetter travel SIM product. The SIM will give users 100MB of free high-speed data to be used outside the US.

Currently, the service is in beta mode and only available to travellers in the UK, France and Spain, but FreedomPop plans to expand the SIM's coverage to over 20 countries by next year.

Interested customers heading to Europe can apply to test out the Jetsetter SIM through FreedomPop’s website.

London woman on phone image via Shutterstock.



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