Could this actually be the BlackBerry Q30?

04 June 2014

And you thought BlackBerry was a bunch of squares…

BlackBerry blog N4BB has posted images which it is claiming is the upcoming BlackBerry Q30, and if true, BlackBerry is gambling on quite an unusual shape for its comeback kid smartphone — a device codenamed Windermere.

Interestingly, the keyboard is rumoured to be capacitive touch-enabled, meaning it could be used to control the device with swiping gestures, like a touchpad on a laptop. This would explain why there are none of the navigation buttons we’d expect to see on a BlackBerry.

Despite its unusual looks, the information that comes with the image suggests a seriously capable smartphone. The square display is said to be 4-inches diagonally with 1440 x 1440 pixels, which would give the device a world-beating 509 pixel-per-inch resolution — the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 432ppi resolution for comparison.

It is also said to sport a 3450mAh capacity battery, which is huge for a device this size. Based on recent tests with the Sony Xperia Z2, a battery like this could power a device of this size for two continuous days, or more.

And then, this could be photos of one of the many prototypes that BlackBerry probably built in the design process of whatever the real Q30 proves to be. In some ways, we hope this is the case. An squat, square phone is probably too risky a bet for BlackBerry to place on its future at this point.

Source: N4BB



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