An app Batman would love

13 June 2014

Being a full-time superhero would be a rewarding career, you’d think, but finding people in need of assistance would definitely be the tricky part. Especially for heroes like Batman: ordinary dudes without the superhuman hearing of Superman or Spiderman’s Spidey Senses. What if there was an app were people looking for help could contact heroes directly?

MySOS is an app for iPhone and Android which allows people to make emergency calls, contact relatives or even message your personal doctor, depending on which option is appropriate.

Connected crusaders

But what really sets this system apart is that other users who install the mySOS app can nominate themselves as part of the ‘Guardian Angels’ social network. You indicate that you are willing and able to help in the event of an emergency and If someone activates an alarm close to you, you will receive an alert with details about how to find the person and about what sort of help they need.

With serious medical emergencies, the involvement of a Guardian Angel might be limited to helping with CPR before an ambulance arrives — and the app includes instructions for how to best perform CPR.

But once this network of Angels is established, it’d be interesting to see what situations result in someone calling out for help. Could it become simple things, like help moving a giant spider out of your house, or someone to chat to when you are lonely?

We’re really keen to see how this project evolves, but there is one hurdle for us at the moment: the entire app is in French. The app’s developers Safer Life hail from France and so far the network’s beta testing phase is being completed in the French language only.



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