Windows Phone 8.1 notification center leaked, called Action Center

10 February 2014

A new set of leaked images show a notification hub for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, apparently dubbed ‘Action Center’.

The leaked images, published by Winphollowers were reportedly taken from an internal Microsoft Power Point presentation and show a new location in the user interface for collecting unread messages and Quick Settings for core system functions.

'Action Center' will be two-tiered, with a quick, short swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings panel, of which we can see a WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane and Driving mode button. We like the touch added to the WiFi button, which displays the name of the WiFi network to which you are connected in place of just saying “WiFi”. A full swipe down shows the quick settings as well as your notifications.

This new leak adds to a growing collection of rumoured new features coming in the next major Windows Phone update, which is expected to be officially unveiled in April.

Windows Phone fans rejoice

The Action Center itself looks like it was taken straight from Android before getting a Metro UI pasted all over the top.

This not a bad thing. The pull-down Notification Center and later-added Quick Settings are two things that Android got so right that even Apple had to follow suit. There’s no shame in Microsoft acknowledging what is now an expected smart device feature and implementing it on its own OS.

Hopefully MSFT will have taken a few other things from the Android handbook and added music controls as well as clickable links to currently-running programs to the Action Center as well, but so far there’s no reason to expect this is so.

This along with the recently-updated task manager, separate volume controls and a Siri clone are things Microsoft desperately needs. Unfortunately the aforementioned Siri-esque service ( called Cortana) probably won’t be available for general use until 2015, but it’s still an indicator that Windows Phone hasn’t fallen irretrievably behind.

Image courtesy of Winphollowers



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