Upcoming Samsung tablet has a Super AMOLED display?

08 April 2014

There have been rumours about AMOLED tablets coming from Samsung for a while now. Originally they were expected to debut at MWC in February of this year, where they failed to make a showing. Now, leaked specs have turned up on SamMobile.

The leaked specs are for one of the three rumoured tablets: the Wi-Fi only model known as the SM-T800. They include a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED display with 2560x1600 resolution; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage, depending on the model with MicroSD for expansion; a quad-core snapdragon CPU; 2GB of RAM; an 8MP rear camera with 2MP front; USB 2.0 and a 7900mAh battery.

Why does AMOLED matter?

These tablets would be the first ones from Samsung with AMOLED displays since the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from 2011 which begs the question: why return to AMOLED now?

The Korean giant often favours AMOLED tech on its smartphones. It provides vibrant colours and good contrast, but tends to cast a bluish hue over anything white. This isn’t too noticeable on the small screen of a smartphone, but it is on a tablet. Many were under the impression that this was the reason behind Samsung’s move to TFT and IPS LCD screens.

Where AMOLED has the advantage is that it can be much thinner and offer superior viewing angles than LCD tech. It also gives off wonderfully vibrant colours, and tends towards darker darks and brighter brights.

Tablets are often viewed on an angle, either lying flat on a table or sitting on a tilted stand/cover. AMOLED may end up offering a superior user experience for this reason alone.

A resolution of 2560x1600 is over a standard 2K screen, which is 2560x1440. It’s also the same res found on the new Galaxy TabPRO line. The extra pixels are therefore probably to account for virtual on-screen buttons, which Samsung does employ on its larger tablets. It also gives the SM-T800’s screen 287 pixels per inch (ppi), which slightly beats out an iPad Air’s 264ppi.

Another high-end tablet?

The rest of the specs are relatively straight-forward. The Snapdragon processor could be a top-tier 801, or it could be a mid-range S4. Our money is on the more-expensive end, thanks to the impressive screen resolution.

We’re surprised that the USB connection is only 2.0, rather than the 3.0 connector found on the Note 3 and Galaxy S5. USB 3.0 is a great standard that offers faster charging, which would be useful with a big 7900mAh battery, and significantly increased data transfer speed.

The 8MP rear and 2MP front-facing cameras continue our puzzlement that tablet manufacturers feel the need to put the better camera on the back, despite the front-facing one sounding like the far more sensible option to us. Are there really enough people taking regular photos with their tablets out there that it justifies this tendency?

Overall, it sounds like another high-end Galaxy tablet, just with an AMOLED display instead of a TFT LCD. It’ll be interesting to compare these slates with the new NotePRO line and see if there really is a noticeable difference in quality and, if so, which of the two technologies is better suited to the task.



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