Threes: iOS hit lands on Android

13 March 2014

Looking for a perfect time-waster for the weekend? The runaway iOS hit Threes! is now also available for Android gamers.

If this is your first contact with Threes! let us run you through the basics. You have a 16-square game board which randomly fills with cards showing a 1 or a 2. You slide these cards about the board, combining 1s and 2s to make 3s. You then match 3s to make 6s; 6s to make 12s and so on. After running out of moves, the game calculates a score for your round.

Threes! is one of those deceptively easy games that is difficult to master. You’ll pick up the mechanics of the game within moments of beginning play, but it could take you weeks to nail a competitive high score. This could be important given that it plugs into Google’s now-improved Play Games service.

If this sounds like the distraction you’ve been looking for, head over to the Play Store and get downloading.



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