Is this the creepiest Samsung ad ever?

06 June 2014

This is an ad for the original Galaxy Gear that we somehow missed until now. It also happens to be one of the more disconcerting advertisements we’ve seen.

It starts harmlessly enough with three young people sitting on a ski lift. You might say this is standard Samsung fare: young people, outdoor activities, vigorous lifestyle, but things quickly go south.

Ignoring for a moment the old trope of two young gentlemen competing for the affection of a woman who is to them nothing more than a prize to be won, there’s something else deeply troubling going on here. It could just be the combination of poorly dubbed actors, ill-fitting cheesy music and forced dialogue edging the narrative over the border from ‘real’ in to the uncanny valley that turns the stomach so much.

Then again, maybe it’s this guy’s self-satisfied smile and the way he demands (not asks for) her number. For her there is no escape. Her only recourse is to agree, or to risk angering what lies beneath his thinly-veiled mask of sanity.

Alternatively, it could be the way he follows her down the mountain, taking candid photos of her all the way with the side-mounted lens, essentially advertising what we all know Samsung's awkward creeper-cam is really for.

After our protagonist has proven his worth with his winning smile and admittedly expert stalking skills, the two part ways. Later, while casually reviewing a video of her from earlier in the day, he 'accidentally' bumps in to his objet du désir in a night club. The narrative takes a dive in to surrealism and she is smitten.

He has won his prize. What a romantic guy.



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