Samsung crams $500 worth of apps in with the Galaxy S5

04 March 2014

Looking to buy a Galaxy S5 come April? The good news is that it’ll come with over $500 worth of apps. The bad news is that, if you're like us, you’ll probably never use even half of them.

That’s not to say that the apps on offer are bad; far from it. Some notable inclusions are: three months of Evernote Premium, a one-year subscription to Run Keeper, a six-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal, a one-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek, three months of 1TB storage on Bitcasa, and six months of premium membership with Map My Fitness, among many others.

You may notice a trend with most of these 'gifts': they’re all time-limited. This means that, while they'd add up to over $500 if you actually bought them, you’re not actually getting $500 worth of stuff for the life of your device. So if you do end up using them, you'll be a paying customer in no time.

Samsung and its apps

Samsung loves apps, a love that is demonstrated by its penchant for building terrific devices that are often then bogged down with unnecessary S-branded bloatware. The proprietary Touchwiz UI might be beautiful on the outside, but under its cartoony exterior lurks an army of apps and services that you’ll barely ever use and can never delete, but that slow down your experience regardless.

It should come as no surprise that such an application-minded marketer like Samsung would turn to the app world in order to advertise its new flagship phone.

We certainly don’t begrudge Samsung’s “Galaxy Gifts” apps package. More than a few users are likely to get a kick out of it. Ultimately it sounds like yet another effective marketing ploy based on numbers. Does "quad-core", "13 megapixels", "5.1 inches", "8.3mm profile", or "1080p" ring any bells?

“$500 worth of free gifts” sounds amazing in an ad, but when you’re considering buying any device make sure you judge it by its own merits and not by what extra stuff comes with it. This goes doubly so for time-limited offerings that you won’t have free-of-charge for the life of your device.

For a full list of "Galaxy Gifts", check out Samsung's own page.



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