Samsung Galaxy S5 & iPhone 6 specs leaked and why you can't compare them

04 February 2014

A Korean brokerage is claiming detailed knowledge of the specs for both the upcoming Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6. The specs have been compared side-by-side, revealing (unsurprisingly) that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will out-do this year’s Apple iPhone king when you compare the raw specs.

The leak itself shows more RAM and a bigger screen with higher pixel density for the Galaxy S5. It also predicts a much larger battery and higher 16MP camera compared to the iPhone 6’s 8MP.

Most interestingly, the iPhone 6 and iPhablet will apparently break with Apple tradition and offer screens with significantly increased resolutions and pixel density. claims that this information came from the same source as a prophetic iPad mini tip from a couple of years back, thus bolstering its reliability. The website went so far as to call both these GS5 and iPhone 6 specs 'confirmed'.

Wait a second... the numbers don’t add up

Comparing the projected pixels per inch (ppi) for each iPhone 6 resolution against its screen size gives different results than the information provided. A resolution of a 1080p on a 4.7” or 4.8” screen is about 469ppi or 459ppi. On a 5.5” display it would offer 401ppi.

With the larger 1280x2272 resolution a 4.7” or 4.8” display would have 555ppi or 543ppi. A 5.5 inch screen would have 474ppi.

None of these ppi measurements match the 440ppi or 510ppi outlined by the leaked iPhone specs in the image.

This unfortunately leads us to think that the iPhone part of this leak is wrong. This is a shame because it would have meant that Apple may finally have been catching up in terms of screen resolution.

Why the rest of it isn't that interesting

There is nothing surprising about a flagship Android out-stripping its contemporary iPhone in terms of on-paper specs. This happens every year.

This is necessary because Android is a fairly messy ecosystem. Its open-source nature means that it must be designed to run on hundreds of different components in a huge number of possible configurations.

iPhone’s iOS platform is designed specifically to work on the iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPad. Each year there is one new set of hardware introduced with only a couple of new configurations. As such it can be tuned to work far more efficiently than Android because Apple can design it to specifically work with only a small number of parts. The result? It can do the same job with weaker specs.

On top of this, the leak doesn't even specify the power of Apple's "A8" processor, it just names it. The logic leap between the current A7 CPU in the iPhone 5s and the next version being called the A8 is simple enough for a child to do. So really, all this tells us is that whoever wrote this knows nothing about the iPhone 6's processor. Ultimately all the iPhone part of the rumour ends up telling us is that it'll have a bigger display, which is a rumour that already existed.

The area where the disparity in hardware hurts Apple is with screen quality. Apple made the mistake years ago of telling people that Retina Displays are as good as it gets. Anyone who has ever held a 1080p smartphone next to an iPhone will tell you that this simply isn’t true. The 1080p wins every time.

Apple’s dilemma now is that it has sub-average screens on a device that is supposed to be the best in the world. Fixing this will require Apple admitting that it has been wrong for years about a crucial feature of its biggest product

Viewing the specs separately does admittedly tell us a little bit, but it's mostly what we expected to see. The GS5 has incremental upgrades across the board over the GS4, going so far as introducing an awesome 560ppi display. This may be exciting, but it was also expected. The same can be said for the rest of its specs, as well as everything about he iPhones minus the dubious screen info, of course.



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