Nokia Lumia 630 shows off colours, isn't too flashy

07 March 2014

Is this Nokia's next and best cheapest Windows Phone?

The Nokia Lumia 630, the sequel to the affordable Lumia 620, has cropped up in some images from notable leakster evleaks showing off its vibrant colours and wrap-around case. The new device looks very standard Windows Phone at first, except that it will come running Windows Phone 8.1 and shows a distinct lack of the dedicated WP camera button, as well as no camera flash.

Other leaks from website have tipped the Lumia 630 to sport a 4.5 inch 854x480 display, Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM. If accurate, these would be a predictable step forward and well within the range of what we would expect from a budget-level smartphone.

The curious camera

The camera is a whole different area. Firstly, the lack of the camera shutter button could prove to be a bigger deal than may seem immediately obvious. Microsoft has insisted that every Windows Phone rock a dedicated camera button since its inception. It’s been one of the most reliable features, but more to the point its disappearance could herald a new approach from MSFT.

If Microsoft were to start giving a greater level of leniency to manufacturers when it comes to design, there could be more changes on the way that we’re as yet unaware of.

The lack of camera flash is also disconcerting. We haven’t seen a phone without a flash in quite a while. To be fair, most low-end phones are still useless at night, even with the flash. But there are times when it comes in handy, and its disappearance feels more like cost-cutting, than an effort to keep the selling price down for consumers.

We’ll know soon enough

Whatever the changes mean we’ll know once the Microsoft Build conference kicks off in April. The Lumia 630 is sure to be one of the smaller things announced, but any changes to the overall direction of the WP platform will be obvious from any of the devices.

At the very least we’re now a bit more intrigued as to what changes Windows Phone 8.1 will bring than we were before, even if some of those changes are the cancellation of useful features.

Source: TechRadar



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