Leaked iPhone 6 parts reinforce big phone rumours

16 April 2014

An image of a supposed leaked iPhone 6 faceplate has surfaced on French website iPhone.fr. Thanks to a second website, PatentlyApple, the display protector has been measured at 4.7 inches diagonally, which would be a big step up in size from previous iPhone models but in keeping with numerous recent rumours.

Whether or not the photo is genuine is open to interpretation, but the presence of what appears to be multiple other factory-packed faceplates in the bottom right corner is a stroke of genius if it’s a fake.

Go big or go home

It’s no secret that bigger screens are a huge selling point for both Android and Windows Phone devices. The more plentiful real estate provides a less cramped interface with a better viewing and gaming experience. Of course, everyone has their preference, but the market in general is leaning towards a 5-inch standard this year.

Many believe that Apple stuck to its guns far too long with the original (and now tiny) 3.5 inch iPhone screen size. The iPhone 5 upped things to a full 4 inches, but by then the market had already moved on to larger territory.

About a week ago internal documents from Apple were made public during its ongoing patent disputes with Samsung that illustrated the growing market demand for bigger screens and a subsequent drop in growth for the Cupertino company. “People want what we don’t have” is a telling quote from what appears to be a presentation outlining the current position of the iPhone in the smartphone market.

Apple needs to make iPhones bigger, there’s no question any more. It’s going to make die-hard fans of the compact iPhone design angry. It’s also going to represent a huge back-peddle and swallowing of pride for Apple, which will now have to admit that both it and its founder Steve Jobs were wrong about screen sizes.

Nevertheless a 4.7 inch iPhone would be a good start. Jumping all the way from 4” to 5” in one device may be jarring for Apple’s huge consumer base. A 4.7 inch display would be large enough to keep some iPhone users who may otherwise have been tempted by the 5.2 inch Samsung Galaxy S5, but easier to adapt to for the small-phone fans who will simply have to lump it.



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