LG goes in circles with new smartwatch teaser

25 August 2014

LG has proven the rumours true with a new teaser video -- it is officially set to unveil a new Android Wear smartwatch. The flick not only confirms an announcement during early September at IFA 2014 in Berlin, but that it will feature the much-coveted round face of the Moto 360.

Despite releasing the LG G Watch 2 months ago in the US and UK, and just last month in most other markets, LG seems keen to move on from its lacklustre G Watch debut.

Enough to beat the Moto 360?

Ever since it was first shown off, tech enthusiasts have been positively drooling over Motorola’s round watch. You might think that a circular screen by itself is not a bit deal, we would beg to differ, but no matter what your personal feelings on the matter are the fact remains that the corner-less display of the 360 is just about the entire reason eagre smartwatch owners have been waiting to go with Moto.

It stands to reason then that a round LG watch would be able to pip the Moto 360 at the finish line if it were to be released at or around the same time. In fact, LG’s teaser shows off a perfectly round screen; whereas the Moto 360 has a solid flat edge right at the bottom, partly ruining its classy look. If round = good, then more-round should = better, right?

The problem is that LG’s smartwatch debut has already been received with little enthusiasm by the tech community. The the G Watch has been criticised for uninspired battery life (almost but not quite 2 days) and a hard-to-read screen when viewed in direct sunlight. The same has been said of the Gear Live.

Reputation is more important in the gadget industry than plausible expectations. LG has proven that its first-gen tech is flawed, but by way of absence Motorola has not yet failed to live up to the hype. As such, Motorola may enjoy better opening sales figures thanks to its superior, if undeserved, rep.

It would be a shame if the Moto 360 entered the market uncontested. After all, it’s entirely possible that it’ll be an awful product and perform abysmally in the market. That would be a huge blow to what is, no matter the technology driving it, a brilliantly conceived-of form factor.

With LG in the running we at least know there will be one passable round-faced smartwatch around come Christmas. After all the G Watch worked fine, making it circular shouldn't be too big a redesign; good news if you’re after a new gadget for the geek in your life.



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