Could the LG G5 Really be This Revolutionary?

18 January 2016

A new rumour is making the rounds that LG’s next phone – the LG G5 – will come rocking a new physical design that no one else has implemented yet. The concept is simple, elegant, and makes all those manufacturers that make their batteries non-removable look like they’re not trying hard enough.

The basic concept is that, instead of having a fiddly rear plate and clips on and off, the whole bottom of the phone, USB port and all, would be detachable. Once removed, the battery can slide easily in and out of the chassis.

This should have the benefit of extra durability, as the chassis could, for the most part, all be one solid piece.

If adopted by the likes of Sony, it could also be an avenue towards water resistance with a removable battery. Just throw a rubber seal around that joint and boom, problem solved.

Mostly, it just looks awesome and should turn a head or two if it’s what we end up seeing later this year.

Based on other rumours we’re also expecting to see a USB-C port, 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 processor, dual rear camera, expandable storage and possible a metal design, which would also help on the durability front.

At the very least, this is a great idea and is one worth pursuing by manufacturers, if they haven’t already.

Source: Android Authority



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