LG G PRO 2 reinvents the secret knock

13 February 2014

LG's next phablet device - the LG G PRO 2 - will introduce a novel new way unlock your phone quickly and, hopefully, securely. Instead of a password, swipe pattern, face recognition or thumb print, LG is relying on a secret knock.

Using anywhere up to eight taps, the 'Knock Code' will detect your personally designed security knock even when the screen is off. It's a pretty cool idea and, while we can’t see it being a major selling point, we think it should work in LG’s favour.

But with even Apple's fingerprint scanner being hacked in a matter if days, we can only wonder how secure a Knock Code is.

Under the hood

The G PRO 2 has some appreciable specs to go along with its fun little knocking feature. The 5.9 inch 1080p display is somewhat larger than the original’s 5.5 inch. Impressively, the bezels surrounding the screen are so small that the screen-to-frame ratio is 77.2% which, according to LG, is an industry-leading figure.

The CPU is a powerful quad-core 2.6GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, backed up by 3GB of DDR3 RAM. There are two storage options of 16BG and 32GB along with a MicroSD slot for further expansion.

The 13MP camera should provide great shots, if the LG G2 is anything to go by, and the huge 3200mAh battery should offer well over a day’s worth of power.

Availability and price

So far LG has only announced the G PRO 2 for Korean availability, with no specific mention yet of global release. With any luck sales in the west shouldn’t be too far off and LG has stated that it will make a debut at MWC 2014 in Barcelona at the end of this month.

There’s also nothing about the price for either of the two storage options.

It will be available in three colours: White, Red and something LG is calling ‘Titan’, which we’re going to assume is a dark grey or black.



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