LG G Flex 2 outed, bendy screen hinted

19 May 2014

Noted leakster evleaks has pegged the LG G Flex 2 for an early 2015 release, along with an unspecified “unique” feature. This has understandably led to speculation about flexible display tech, which is the Holy Grail that LG and Samsung have been racing towards for years.

Both manufacturers have been successful in applying the technology to prototype units, but are still a ways away from an affordable and compact product.

The race isn’t to be the first to provide a real flexible phone, although that would be quite intriguing, but rather a phone with a near shatter-proof screen. This is an exciting prospect. We already have water-resistant phones through Sony and Samsung, could we really be getting drop-proof ones within the next year or so as well?

At the outset it’s probably unlikely. The technology behind flexible displays is making impressive headway, but it may not be far enough along for a real commercial product within the next 12 months. Then again, if one was on its way then now is about when we’d expect to start seeing leaked info.

Worst case scenario

Even if it’s not going to be the bendy saviour we’re hoping for, the original G Flex was fair less gimmicky than it was made out to be.

Say what you will about curved-screen phones, the G Flex made a good case for them. Phablets, especially the modern 6-inch variety, can be uncomfortable to keep in the pocket. The curved form factor really did noticeably reduce the discomfort we've come to expect from such a large device. It could even take an impressive amount of pressure, being able to bend just enough to shrug off your forgetting that it was in your back pocket before sitting on that hard dining chair.

The OLED panel provided great colours, was visible in direct sunlight and had incredible viewing angles. The curve also added to the viewing experience. Admittedly it wasn’t much, but it was definitely something.

That being said, it was a pretty expensive phone. Especially so considering its 720p display that provided a mere 245 pixels per inch (ppi), which is a good 200ppi under some modern flagship devices. The camera, too, was quite mediocre. In fact, the only real feature differentiating the G Flex from other phablets was the curved nature of the display, which is not a good enough feature by itself to base your purchase on.

Next time around things could be a little different. Now that LG has already released a curved device, perhaps the G Flex 2 one can be sold for a lower price, or make fewer sacrifices in terms of hardware. We don’t think curved screens are going to take off in the smaller ends of the market, but once you get up to six inches they really can be a bonus to comfort and media consumption, so long as you don't have to pay too much to get one.



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