6 kinds of people Samsung really wants you to be

12 June 2014

Most of us have our own opinions about what kind of people use which brand, but who is actually targeting you? The best way to find out is to go through all of the advertisements from the last six or so months and see for yourself.

Lucky for you, we’ve already done it. Now all you need to do is read on and see which of Samsung’s target demographics you fall in to.

Only young people

Straight away, if you’re 50 or older you’re out. Samsung doesn’t want you. The only people this age in Samsung ads are having photos taken of them by the younger, hipper generation with their shiny S-devices.

If you’re around 40 years old then you might get to play along, but only if you’re particularly fun-loving and really, really love taking photos of stuff.

20-30 is where it’s at. If you’re in this age range at all then you’re in Samsung’s sights. Doubly so if you have a moderately, but not too-alternative lifestyle and fashion sense. It’s not just all young people that Samsung is after, though. Go a little deeper and things start to get pretty specific.

Aspiring female vloggers

Are you a moderately-attractive 20-something with a penchant for videoing your life and uploading it to the web? Good news: Samsung loves you. The preference definitely leans towards the ladies, but the guys get the occasional showing as well.

Admit it. We all like to think of ourselves as just a little bit special when we upload photos of us doing any activity novel enough to be just outside the border of the mundane, so an ad focus on sharing your whole life online makes sense.

You might not think that vlogging is a great example. It’s hardly a wide-spread demographic, but there’s definitely some logic here. While other manufacturers still rope in the odd celebrity to push their product, Samsung is selling the capability for you to become a web-lebrity, all by yourself.

Turning out as the next Robert Downey Jr is an unrealistic aspiration, so you might not run out and buy an HTC just because he tells you to. In contrast, average people like you become famous vloggers all the time. Maybe that new Samsung phone is exactly what you need to get started on the road to internet fame. After all, you already upload a tonne of stuff to Facebook, surely it’s just as easy to throw some videos on YouTube, right? Next stop: 1 million followers!

Sporty types

This one’s no bomb-shell. Between the S-Health app’s debut in 2013 and the Heart Rate monitor included in both the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Gear 2, not to mention the Gear Fit, Samsung is gunning hard for the fitness crowd.

This one actually makes sense. There really are a range of great options on Samsung devices for tracking your exercise, your improvements and even your calorie intake.

Samsung does seem to assume that all fit people lead fast-paced, hectic lives, but for all I know that's true. At the very least it's not something I'm qualified to comment on. Now go on. Get back to jogging or planking or whatever.

Parents with young children

If you have a kid between one and ten then apparently Samsung is your first port of call. Not only do these parents have fun keeping up with their kids, but they look great while doing it. And it’s all thanks to their magical water-resistant phones.

Forget that you’re running on three hours of sleep and haven’t had a day off in five years. Now that you don’t have to worry about phone water damage you finally have the time and energy to win that water fight and do all your important grown-up phone stuff. You know, on your phone.

People who are always taking photos that are ruined by silhouettes

The vast majority of Samsung ads prominently display someone attempting a photo only to find the target almost totally swathed in darkness. No problem, just tap elsewhere and the phone magically readjusts the focus and the picture is saved.

This wouldn’t be a noteworthy target market, except that Samsung really does push this in almost every single one of its videos. At least now those who have been lying awake at night wondering at the pics that could have been can look forward to the sound sleep of the satisfied photo-taker once they have upgraded to a Galaxy S5.


We’ve already laid out how creepy Samsung can be with this little gem from the original Galaxy Gear, which you may watch at your own peril, but it would be wrong to leave out the King of Creep: Robin Thicke. At the height of his controversy Mr “You Know You Want It” took some time out from objectifying women to reinforce how easily won-over Samsung thinks young, attractive girls are.

If you’re a guy who also has a poorly-developed sense of proprietary and sees women as obstacles to be overcome then you might just be a key target demographic. C’mon. You know you want it.



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