HTC to offer One (M8) in two different metal finishes

21 March 2014

Have you been looking at the new HTC One (M8) and wishing it had the same aluminium finish that last year’s model had? Well, you could be in luck.

A source has revealed to WhistleOut that HTC intends to offer the old sand-blasted aluminium finish seen on last year’s One side-by-side with this year’s brushed metal look. Just don’t expect the older look to be available at launch.

HTC will release the second finish only after they stop selling last year’s model, to spare us poor consumers from the confusion of spotting old from new. Of course, we’re going to have a hard enough time with the name of the new phone anyway.

Who’s on first

Seriously, the naming of the new phone is a mess. We learned from a Telstra leak this week that the soon-to-be-released phone would be called the HTC One (M8) — exactly like that, parenthesis and all.

While we agree there is some benefit for HTC in maintaining a consistent naming convention for its flagships, this particular choice will result in Laurel and Hardy style hijinx. For example, please enjoy this short stage play we've written on the theme.

Geek 1: Oh, I see you have a One?

Geek 2: Yep, the HTC One.

Geek 1: Which one is it?

Geek 2: The HTC One.

Geek 1: Yes, but which One?

Geek 2: I said already. The HTC One.

Geek 1: Did you get the One with the sand-blasted aluminium finish?

Geek 2: I sure did.

Geek 1: So, which One is that?

Geek 2 screams loudly and beats Geek 1 to a bloody pulp.

See, chilling stuff.



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