ASUS making a cheap Android Wear smartwatch?

30 June 2014

According to various rumours, and as reportedly confirmed by TechCrunch, ASUS is working on a low-price Android Wear smartwatch for release sometime around September this year. The wearable in question would cost between US$99 and US$149.

Compared to the $199 of the Samsung Gear Live and $229 of the LG G Watch, $99 or even $149 could easily be enough to sway fence-sitters in to joining the wearable club.

If it ends up being as little as $99, this could be a huge momentum-builder for the burgeoning Android Wear ecosystem, as well as the wearables market on the whole. Now that Google has done all the work developing Wear, all manufacturers have to do is provide the hardware, which could mean significantly cheaper tech than we've thus far seen.

Understandably, most customers would be hesitant to dump $300 or more on a gadget that they didn’t even know if they wanted. $99, on the other hand, is less than a night out on the town. It’s also more likely to be within the range of birthday and Christmas present price limitations.

Despite this news we’re still hanging out for the Moto 360 with its beautiful round display, but that doesn’t make us any less keen to see what manufacturers like ASUS, that have so far steered clear of the phone market, can do with this new wearable arena.

Sources: TechCrunch, PhoneArena



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