The best cases for your iPhone 5c

06 November 2013

The iPhone 5c is Apple's most colourful smartphone release to date - but although Apple has taken the step of marketing its own vibrant and complimentary cases for the device, they might not be to everyone's liking.

For those of you who prefer something a little more individual, protective or fun, we've rounded up a few of our favourite 5c cases from around the Interwebs. There's still not as much on offer for the 5c as you'll find for the iPhone 5 or 5s, but there's still enough options to ensure every 5c user finds something to suit their needs and tastes.

Otterbox Preserver Series

There’s a reason Otterbox cases are the number one selling smartphone case in the US. As well as protecting against breakage, scratches and dust, The Preserver Series is also waterproof – a godsend for phone owners with a tendency to lose phones to water damage. The case is made from two pieces of polycarbonate with overmoulded rubber, that snap together to guard against liquid. The Preserver is fully submergible in up to 6.6 ft (2 metres) of water, for up to 30 minutes – so getting caught in the rain is no longer a cause for concern. This new case from Otterbox will be available soon, and is a must for anyone who’s serious about phone protection.

$89.95 USD

Medley Detachable External Battery Case from i-Blason

Although there’s not many companies extending their lines of battery cases to the 5c yet, i-Blason is one of the first. The Medley case can prolong your iPhone’s battery life by over 100% on a full charge: simply attach the battery pack to the slim fit protective case to tap into the pack’s 2400 mAh capacity Smart Polymer-Lithium battery. As the pack is detachable, you can convert your Medley cover into a regular hard case when extra power isn’t required. Unfortunately, the case doesn’t offer a lot of variety in terms of colour and style. But its lightweight, simple design is pleasing to the eye, and for iPhone owners looking for a way protect their phone and double its battery life, i-Blason is worth a look.

$69.95 USD

iLuv Aurora Illusion

Aside from having a tripped-out mind warp design, the Aurora Illusion case also glows in the dark. No more grappling around on the nightstand when you feel a 3 a.m. urge to check your emails – you’ll be able to locate your iPhone at the bottom of a coal mine. The case itself is made from silicone with a snug fit, an enhanced grip and a light, durable design. Your phone will be protected from drops and knocks in the most illuminating way possible. The Illusion case is available in three mesmerising colours – black, pink or white.

$19.99 USD

Leather Wallet Case from Caseme

Those of you with limited pocket or purse room will appreciate Caseme’s leather wallet cases. The range is made from polycarbonate to keep your phone secure and protected, with a durable leather flap featuring slots for your most important cards and ID. The front cover is secured by a magnetic strap and all of the phone’s ports and jacks are easily accessible, even when the case is snapped shut. The case also works as a stand, and some styles feature cut-outs allowing you to see who’s calling or messaging you without opening the case itself. We love the polka dot range, but there are plain options for those of you who are less adventurous when it comes to accessorising.

$14.95 AUD

X-Doria Spots

Speaking of dots, the X-Doria Spots case is equally eye-catching. It’s made from a protective silicone with a raised, ergonomically designed curve to help your phone fit better in your hand. 3D dots in a contrasting colour add a unique twist to the case’s look, but the X-Doria design still protects against phone-owner hazards such as bumps and knocks. The front features a raised bezel to help protect your phone’s screen, and the soft silicone material keeps the 5c’s buttons and ports comfortably safe. We love the red-and-pink design, which gives your handset a kitsch strawberry look, but Spots cases are also available in navy/light blue and black/grey combinations.

$19.99 USD

Bling My Thing Milky Way Collection

For those of you who like a bit of sparkle and glamour in your accessories, these covers are made from a clear plastic casing decorated with an S-wave of crystals. It’s an interesting mix of protection and opulence, guarding your iPhone against knocks and scratches without the eyesore element that’s all too common with some covers. The bling is available in a variety of colours – from simple crystal to a more lively ‘cotton candy’ colour mix – and is a great choice in case for the more fashion conscious. And with crystals from Swarovski, the glitz is genuine. Cases in Milky Way Collection couldn’t be any more Liz Taylor if they were covered in diamonds.

$26.99 USD

Society 6 cases

We’ve talked previously about how impressed we are with Society 6’s range of designs. Society 6 is where popular culture and art collide, with the site providing a forum for talented artists to sell not just prints of their works, but also tote bags, stationery, mugs and – of course - iPhone and iPad cases. The iPhone cases available are slim fit and made from flexible hard plastic, providing protection against scratches and bumps. Whether you’re into TV and movies, politics, or all things retro, there’s designs available for every taste. One of our personal favourites is Budi Satria Kwan’s ‘Wookie is a wonderful friend’, which, misspelling of 'Wookiee' aside, is cuter than a basket of baby Ewoks. Squee.

PureGear Retro Game Cases

If you’re looking for something unique and perhaps a little more interactive than your standard protective case, these toys-masquerading-as-cases will catch your eye - Pure Gear’s cases double as a portable mini-game. Although the thermoplastic cases are primarily there to protect your iPhone, hipsters and big kids will enjoy the playable aspect of the Retro Game range. With two games to choose from – Amazing, which sees you navigate a tiny ball through a moulded maze, and Undecided, in which a the ball is shot, pin-ball style, to determine the answer to Yes or No questions – Play Gear’s products live up to the ‘device protection with a twist’ product description.

$29.99 USD


If none of these opinions are personal enough for you, why not get a custom case made by Casetagram? Customers can design their own photo layout online using pics from Facebook, Instagram or their PC, making a truly one-of-a-kind case. The cases are durable, slim snap-on hard cases, so as with Society 6’s range, it’s more about the design and personalisation rather than guaranteeing your device is protected – although the cases will prevent scratches and general wear and tear. But for those of you busting to show off your cute kids or awesome photography skills, the sentimental benefits may compensate for missing out on the extra protection offered by Otterbox and the like.

$34.95 USD

Main image: The Original Copycat by Budi Satra Kwan, Onward! by Jay Fleck, and Gentleman Jack by Karen Hallion Illustrations, all available from Society 6.



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