Making the iOS Notification Center your own

08 July 2014

Apple’s take on the pull-down Notifications Centre is unique in a number of aspects. By default it shows you a lot more information than you’ll find in the notifications panel in Android, mostly because Apple is using the space for information widgets as well as regular messages and missed calls.

There are a number of options set to ‘On’ by default that many iPhone owners can do without on a day-to-day basis. For example, you might want to know what the weather is like for today and tomorrow, but you might not need (or want) to see a listing of popular stocks or to map your route to your next destination (which is probably school, work or home).

Happily, everything you need is in one place: the Notification Centre option under the Settings menu.

The first part of this menu relates only to what is displayed on the Lock Screen, not what is displayed when you pull-down the Notification Centre. Toggling either option on or off will not affect what you see once the phone is unlocked.

Under Today View, you can select the items which will appear in that section of the Notification Centre. We’ve switched off Stocks and Tomorrow Summary, but left the rest of the items checked.

Below this are options to order notifications by a pre-defined order (in the section immediately below) or by the time that the notification is received. We prefer time-based notifications, so we can see which is most urgent.

Finally, you get to choose which apps can display notifications and which services will not be included. Press the Edit button in the top-right corner to adjust the order or to move a service into the Do Not Include section below.

You can also select any individual service by tapping on its name, and then adjust which kinds of notifications it delivers. For Messages, you might want to show a screen-takeover Alert style notification, while you might decide Game Center should only display a thin banner at the top of the screen, or not display an alert at all.



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