Bethesda Just Announced a Fallout Game for iOS

15 June 2015

Right bang in the middle of its Fallout 4 announcement today, Bethesda dropped the bombshell that it would also be releasing a Fallout universe game for iOS and iPad. Its name: Fallout Shelter.

This is a made-for-touchscreen game centred around you making your own personal Vault.

In the Fallout games, the world has been ruined by nuclear war. The only survivors are those ‘lucky’ enough to be descended from the few stragglers left after the dust cleared, and those living in Vaults – huge bunkers built under the threat of Armageddon.

Fallout Shelter puts you in command of one of these Vaults. You build rooms, pick and choose who is allowed in, manage your citizens’ stats and happiness, find/make items with which to equip your people, and defend the vault from attack and catastrophe. It's Sims meets Sim City meets Xcom, set in the Fallout universe.

You can train your inhabitants up in certain skills using different rooms, manage their happiness with rooms, activities and by encouraging them to engage in romantic relations, and increase your numbers by either accepting applicants from outside or via the aforementioned amorous pursuits.

When and how much?

The incredible news is that Fallout Shelter will be live on the App Store within the next 24 hours.

It’s free to download and play, but no word yet on in-app purchases and how necessary they will be. One thing that was promised is no paywall timers; you won’t have to pay money to speed up construction of your Vault. Everything builds instantly, which is fantastic news.

You will also not need an active internet connection to play. Once your download is complete, the only data usage you should see is from the odd update or two.

No word yet on availability for Android or other mobile platforms.



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