The best iPad Air cases and covers

04 December 2013

The iPad Air may only have just come out, but there is already a big range of great cases available ranging from expensive and stylish, to affordable but tough.

The fancy

Dodo Cases

Dodo cases can be a bit pricey, but they’re also some of the suavest case options out there. You can buy a stock ‘durable’ leather case for US$69.95, or you can customise your very own lightweight case for the same starting price.

Customisation is quite detailed. You can choose from a single and two-tone base and then customise everything down to the colour of the elastic band and even add a personalised message to the interior. By the end of customisation you can run your case up to US$102.90 before shipping, but you’ll be the only person around rocking your own personal style.

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

Logitech have a history of making great keyboards, which in itself makes this case worth our attention. The FabricSkin is thin, light and stylish. It has a loop for a pen or stylus and comes in three different colour schemes.

The keyboard uses its own battery, and can apparently last up to 3 months with 2 hours of typing per day. It’s also water repellent and has a dual-position stand.

The FabricSkin is US$149.99 from Logitech.

Belkin QODE cases

There’s a small handful of QODE cases and like the Dodo and Logitech options they’re not cheap. However, for their price they offer reliable, responsive keyboards that add only minimum weight and thickness.

Currently none of them are actually available for the iPad Air in the UK, but you can sign up and get notified when they finally are.

Our favourite is that Thin Type case. It’s not as protective as the other two but it offers that classic Apple Keyboard look, but in a thin and portable package.

The reasonably-priced

Poetic Slimline Case

Now for something a bit more cash-savvy. The Poetic Slimline case is basically a cheaper version of the Apple Smart Case. It’s lightweight, folds in to a stand and even boasts the magnetic flap that turns the screen on and off.

The Poetic Slimline case is only $12.95 from Amazon, compared to the $99.95 you’ll pay for an Apple-branded Smart Case.

Snugg leather Flip Stand

The Snug flip stand folds in to a stand and sports a little elastic hand strap for easy carrying or for attaching it to a bag. It comes in a four colours and even has a little loop for keeping a pen or electric stylus handy.

Best of all: for a leather case it’s pretty cheap, coming in at $44.99.

i-Blason ArmorBox 2 (layer convertible)

The ArmorBox 2 is your stock-standard heavy-duty case for hardcore protection. Its multi-layer design can be stripped down if you want to save on space, and built back up again when you need that extra protection. There’s even a built-in screen protector.

What sets the ArmorBox 2 apart is its price. At only $29.99 from Amazon it’s one of the most affordable multi-layer durability cases out there. It’s also available in seven different colour themes, so you can still personalise your look while you’re off mountaineering.

Bear Motion Slim Folio (with detachable Bluetooth keyboard)

If you’re after a more wallet-friendly keyboard case than those offered by Belkin or Logitech, then the Bear Motion Folio is worth considering. At just $49.99 from Amazon it provides an easy typing experience at a third the cost of the others.

Granted, it’s not as slim or stylish, but it might be worth the sacrifice when you consider the savings.



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