7 incredible mobile phone facts

28 July 2014

Mobile phones have gone from being an expensive and cumbersome indulgence for the ultra-rich to being a must-have element of our modern world. Everyone you know probably has a phone, or at least has access to one.

And yet, despite this knowledge, these fun phone facts will still blow your mind.

90% of all people on Earth have access to a mobile phone

The numbers for this fact vary from study to study, but the general consensus seems to be that there are currently over 4.5 billion phones in the world, of which 1.75 billion are smartphones. What is difficult to estimate is how many of these phones maintains an active connection to a network, and how many lay unused in desk drawers.

In poorer third world countries, it’s not uncommon for communities of people to share access to a wireless service, and it is estimated that this type of use brings the number of people with access to a cell phone up to over 6 billion worldwide or over 90-percent of the global population.

11 is the average age for your first phone

New technologies tend to create new dilemmas, like how old should your child be before you give it a mobile phone? According to a number of different sources, it seems 11 is the average age for phone ownership. Though as it is with any averaged figure, there are extremes with the Guardian reporting that children as young as 5-years old are being given their own mobile devices.

1 in 5 people in the US use their mobile as their primary web browsing device

For many of us, it depends on where we are, rather than what we prefer to use. If you’re in the office, you’re probably on desktop computer of some sort, but if you’re at the beach, then you’re on your phone.

According to Pew Research, 21-percent of cell phone owners in the US use their phones as the primary way to get online, with a bias towards younger people and those in lower socio-economic brackets.

67% of mobile device owners check their phone regularly – even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating

Does checking your phone for messages feel like scratching an itch? Nearly two-thirds of cell phone owners admit to checking their phones, even without being alerted to, leading Google boffins to estimate that we spend 5-days every year pulling our phones out of pockets.

For some people, it is believed the problem might be even worse, with compulsive phone checking being linked to obsessive compulsive disorders, and in turn, to the high rate of motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver.

75% of Americans admit bringing their phone to the bathroom

Yep, it’s gross, but don’t pretend like you haven’t done it.

680 million Facebook users on mobile each month

Have your friends started chiming in with claims that ‘Facebook is dead’, backing up said claims with statements like, “I only use it now for invitations to parties”.

Facebook’s own numbers tell a different story, with 680 million people accessing their wall from a phone each month. To put this another way, one in nine of the active phones in the world access Facebook each month, accounting for 18-percent of all phone usage in the US.

23 : the number of days per year spent on your phone

That’s right, folks: 23 days or 552 hours each year staring at text messages your parents sent you, trying to figure out why they didn’t learn proper grammar and punctuation in school. And Facebook, of course. Lots and lots of Facebook.

Add it all up, and it is predicted some of us will stare at phone screens for 3.9 years of our lives.



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