Vodafone 18 months, 900 minutes, Unlimited texts

SIM Only
SIM Only
 Total Price
£31 per month
900 mins
18 months
 Fine Print
Depending on your usage, other fees and charges may apply, including early exit fees.

Tariff Details

Key Points


  •  Voicemail charges deducted from monthly included value


  •  Included data allowance can be used for tethering
  •  Unlimited Data for first 3 months with Vodafone Data Test Drive
  •  Unlimited Free SMS per month (fair usage of 3,000 texts per month)
  •  Voice call rate (over tariff): £0.35 per minute
  •  Picture messages (over tariff): £0.37 each
  •  Calls to Europe: £1.00 per minute

Included Calls

Using Your Included Minutes on this Tariff

On this pay monthly plan you can use your included minutes on these calls

  • National voice calls to UK landlines (beginning 01,02,03)
  • UK mobiles
  • Vodafone voicemail deposits and retrievals in the UK
After You’ve Used Your Pay Monthly Minutes

This is a pay monthly plan with a set monthly tariff for the included minutes. When you use more than the included minutes on this plan, you will then pay for the calls you make as an extra cost on top of the monthly tariff price. See the Rates heading below to see the call rates for the calls you might make above your included minutes.

Features & Benefits

Data Test Drive

Use as much data on your phone as you like for the first 3 months with Vodafone Data Test Drive. For the first 3 months of your price plan Vodafone will waive their standard data charges if you exceed your UK data allowance. You can then work out which data package suits you best at the end of the 3 months. Vodafone Pay Monthly tariffs also include access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots - which can be used in over 5,000 UK locations. You will need a mobile phone that supports Wi-Fi to access BT Openzone.

Optional Data Pack Add-On

If you require more data with your Vodafone tariff you can add Vodafone Boost and add extra data to your plan additional monthly charge you can increase your data allowance.

12 or 24 month Contract Available

This Vodafone tariff is available as either a 12 or 24-month contract.

Free Next Day Delivery

Vodafone aim to provide next working day delivery on all online orders to your home address, depending on stock availability. Alternatively goods can be ordered online and delivered to your nearest Vodafone store before 5pm the following day.

Manage Your Account Online

Vodafone allow you to keep track of costs and manage your monthly usage directly from your phone, or from a computer. Check your itemised bill, pay your bill online or check your phone settings and check when you can upgrade are all options available through your Vodafone Account online.

Network Coverage

You can use Vodafone’s coverage checker when you buy online to check coverage at your address.

  • Calls and Text Messages: Vodafone cover 99.7% of the UK population for calls and texts and take pride in offering excellent signal strength indoors and outdoors.
  • Mobile Internet: The Vodafone 3G network covers approximately 90%. Vodafone has begun rolling out 4G services and currently operates in many cities in the UK. Vodafone aims to bring indoor 4G coverage to 98% of the UK population by 2015 .
  • Vodafone Sure Signal: If you live in an area that does not receive a good signal strength you can purchase this box from Vodafone which will boost your signal.

TIP: Check coverage before you buy for your home address, AND in your most frequented areas, like your work place or friend’s houses.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Number

If you are looking to switch to Vodafone from another network, you can keep your existing mobile phone number.


Rates Cost
Voice call rate £0.35 per minute
Text messages £0.00 each
Picture messages £0.37 each
Calls to Europe £1.00 per minute

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly Comparison Total
(Projected over 24 months*)
 Tariff 18 months, 900 minutes, Unlimited texts - £31.00 £744.00
 Texts Unlimited text messages (included) - - -
Grand Total £0.00 £31.00 £744.00
* Contract term is 18 months - this total represents the estimated cost if you stayed for 24 months.

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