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Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB
Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB
Samsung's 2013 Flagship device. Powerful and fast with 1080p 5" display.
90/100In our continuous video playback the S4 managed an impressive ten hours and 43 minutes, a score we'd...
40 Tariffs 2 Deals
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
A 4.3 inch slimmed-down Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE and 8MP camera
79/100Although the pixel density here is lower than the SGS4, we adore this screen. The AMOLED does what i...
35 Tariffs 2 Deals
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
4G LTE Android smartphone/tablet hybrid running on Jelly Bean
88/100Throughout our testing, the Note 3 had incredible longevity. A huge 3,200mAh battery keeps the phone...
39 Tariffs 2 Deals
HTC One 32GB
HTC One 32GB
Powerful Android smartphone with large HD display and 4G LTE
89/100The HTC One has received a software update to improve the battery life of the phone significantly, a...
32 Tariffs 2 Deals
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB
Apple's latest phone is more powerful and features better motion tracking and a fingerprint scanner
89/100The iPhone 5s is the next step in the iPhone evolution that is not a game changer but, particularly ...
34 Tariffs 2 Deals

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